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Information help/mysterious pen marking on some doll sold in Japan/情報ヘルプ 日本で見つかる、足の裏の謎のペンマーク

Some my Kens has received ‘a pen marking’ on his left soles. not only my Ken, I’ve also found the same marking on some Barbie family dolls quite often(not all), they seem to have been sold in Japan. I don’t think these pen marking were written by children, they were written after manufacturing for some reason, but I have no idea completely what it is? and why always written on left sole?…I have asked Japanese people my question here. If you find an old pen mark on your doll’s left sole, the doll may have been sold in Japan in the 60’s.


なぜこのようなマークが書かれたのか?ご存知の方はぜひ連絡をください、どうぞよろしくお願いいたします。 contact@yukkana.com


the left sole of my K1422 Ken. this doll doesn’t have any particular flaw, but he has received the mark on his left sole.
This is a combination Ken-an old type painted hair head and new body with new arms so probably sold in Japan. he has received the mark on his left sole.