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Mending #787 Tuxedo card

Back to the original condition!

this is a lovely #787 Tuxedo on card(card only, yellow booklet version), but the contents was changed by someone for some reason. I’ve removed the temporary things and added the correct replacements.

Original trousers were cut out from the card because of that the threads were loose and they were taped many times many places by someone. the original tapes(two places) were lost due to deterioration, this was also the reason why the threads were loose.

temporarily attached things(I’ve removed): 1964 trousers(with snap), 1962-63 pale blue booklet, corsage with vinyl bag.

improvement this time: 1961 trousers(with visible zip), 1963-64 yellow booklet, corsage with case. and I’ve added only missing thread to mend the card.

start from here… yellow booklet should be set on this card!






most thigs seems to be in their original condition, but some are strange. this trousers ware directly stapled on the card, it’s a bad example…

AFTER(1963-64 #787 TUXEDO)