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1963 #860 NRFB blonde MIDGE (2nd version perfect)

Once, I was thinking of collecting also Midge, however I noticed various difficulties and stopped it. this is my only perfect Midge. I’ll show her as one of the wonderful Japan made fashion doll in the 60’s, also as a reference to other collectors.

1963 2nd version #860 NRFB blonde MIDGE: Midge doll, two piece swim suit, black wire stand, plastic bag(booklet, shoes),paper insert, wrist tag, face cover  $3.00

#860 Midge in NRFB. but I removed her plastic face cover from the head. there are many vinyl fragments on her face probably due to covering face too long years. also the same reason, her wrist is dyed pink a little by her pink wrist tag.

her name ‘Midge’, it comes from ‘Margret’/’Margaret’.

I think her eye brows, eyes(white part, light blue part(iris), blue part(pupil)), freckles, and lips are drawn with a stencil. the white small dots in her blue eyes seems to have been drawn with a tool with a rounded tip. she has two color eye-lines(blue and brown), I don’t know if they are drawn by hand or a stencil.

Midge in Japan

In Japan, Midge doll was introduced in 1964 at the same time as Ken, but she didn’t seem to be popular doll in Japan. Midge was advertised until 1965 though, her looking was completely remade later 1965. her name was also changed from ‘Midge’ to ‘New Midge’. as far as I can see, Midge and New Midge never lined up in Japanese advertisement. to me these seems like she was robbed her identity suddenly. poor Midge, she was almost fired. Even so, neither Midge nor New Midge was registered in Japan. I always prefer Midge, you are still hot.



1963 2ndヴァージョン #860 NRFBブロンドミッヂ: 人形、スイムスーツ、ワイアスタンド、紙製インサート、リストタグ、プラスティックの袋(靴、ブックレット)、顔のカバー  $3.00








ミッヂの正式の名前は公表されていませんが、私の友人などからMidgeという名前はMargret/Margaretから来ていること、また’pearl/真珠’という美しい意味があることを教えてもらいました。また私の友人は、この場合のニックネームは1960年代の女優のAnn Margretかもしれない、マテル社はバービーの親友を作る際に若くて人気者の女優をイメージしていたかもしれないと推測しています。(これはただの推測で事実はわかりません)

また、ミッヂの名前は’小さい虫(midge/bug/gnat)’という意味ではないはずです。midgesは血を吸う小さい虫なので嫌われていて、肌や目を守るための網付きの帽子や服(Midges Protector)が販売されています。犬や馬が着るためのMidges protectorもあります。’Midges’が彼女の名前になったとは思えません