Dissecting fashion

SATIN fabric of the early Ken fashion

These are the unique classifications that I’ve divided the early Ken fabric into SATIN, TWILL, and PLAIN by weaving.

Not just for sewing, these fabrics also would have been ‘Made in Japan’ from the stage when the fabric was manufactured, many of the fabrics here would have been custom weaves for Ken.

however it’s almost impossible to clarify the exact material, also the thickness of thread is unknown. only ‘weaving’ could be distinguished just by looking. so this is a rough classification though, I did what I can do now. the fabric varies slightly depending on the production lot, so I’ve tried to investigate as many numbers as possible for each outfit. the fabrics below are all SATIN weaves.





#782/0782 Casuals/trousers
#787/0787 Tuxedo/collar, facing
#787/0787 Tuxedo/bow-tie, cummerbund
#864 Trousseau Set/white bow tie


#790 Time For Tennis/shorts
Boxing Outfit/trunks
#773King Arthur/surcoat
#0778 Ken In Mexico/cummerbund
#1412 Hiking holiday/shorts
#1421 Seein’ The Sights/lining(plain and satin weave combination)
#1425 Best Man/bow tie, cummerbund
#1427 Mountain Hike/shorts