Exploring Ken fashion 1961

Ken Fashion 1961 #787 TUXEDO (1961-1963 version/variation tuxedo)

1961 #787 TUXEDO: jacket, trousers, dress shirt, bow tie, cummerbund, socks, shoes, corsage, case $5.00

This outfit is one of four outfits with ‘full-lining jacket'(#785 Dream Boat/#786 Saturday Date/#787 Tuxedo/#1401 Special Date).

Tuxedo trousers has more sewing steps than other normal trousers.

Jacket-16 patterns :black fabric(7), black lining fabric(5), black silk satin fabric(collar/facing/4), boutonniere, label, 1 button/full lining, 2 darts,1 button hole stitch,1 button loop(thread),2 decorative pockets

Trousers-4 patterns: black fabric(4), side-stripes(tape/2), YKK zipper/fly stitching

Dress shirt-11 patterns :white cotton fabric(9), panel fabric(2) label, 2 snaps, 3 pearls/long sleeved, cuffs, york, sewn-collar

Cummerbund-1 pattern:burgundy silk fabric(1), black elastic band

Bow tie-2 patterns:burgundy silk fabric(2), elastic band

Socks-2 patterns : black nylon fabric(1/single)

The average of hourly wage at 1961 was $1.25, this outfit was expensive at the time.

Also-the variation Tuxedo is shown below. the panel of the shirt use nylon tricot fabric which were used for 1961-64 #984 American Airlines Stewardess’s blouse/1965 #1414 Holiday instead of normal fabric. the fabric is used up side down(Mattel/KokusaiBoeki often ignored fabric direction, in fact the direction opposite is used on the back of my Holiday shirt).

The jacket belongs to the variation tuxedo is a little broken and there are some moth-holes on the collar, but I think the fabric used for the collar is a regular fabric. the sewing is very good like early Barbie product. the bow-tie is sewn early thick rubber band and unique zipper(smallest YKK zipper ever) has been sewn on the trousers(Thank you Anthony for finding out the zipper on my early Ken trousers. these zipper seems to be also sewn on some of the really early Barbie clothes…).

1961 #787 TUXEDO:ジャケット、スラックス、ドレスシャツ、蝶ネクタイ、カマバンド、ソックス、靴、コサジュ、ケース $5.00


この衣装は総裏地のジャケットを持っている4つの衣装の1つです(#785 Dream Boat/#786 Saturday Date/#787 Tuxedo/#1401 Special Date)。









1960 #850 blonde ponytail Barbie in 1960-62 #978 Let’s Dance(complete)/1961 #750 light brownette flocked hair Ken in 1961 #787 Tuxedo
1961 #850 brunette ponytail Barbie in 1959-1962 #972 Barbie ‘Wedding Day’ Set(complete)/1961-62 #750 blonde flocked hair Ken in 1961 #787 Tuxedo with her garter.


1961 #750 dark brownette flocked hair Ken in #787 Tuxedo(variation shirt)/1961 #750 dark brownette flocked hair Ken in 1961 #787 Tuxedo.

画像左の、左側のケンのタキシードはヴァリエーションです。シャツのパネルに通常の生地ではなく1961-64 #984 American Airlines Stewardessのブラウス/1965 #1414 Holidayと同じナイロンの生地が使われています。またナイロン生地は上下逆に使われています、マテル/国際貿易社は生地の方向を無視することがあり、このタキシードシャツだけでなく、実際に私のHolidayのシャツの背中には上下逆が使われています。



1961 #850 blonde ponytail Barbie in 1961-64 #984 American Airlines Stewardess(complete) and Ken in the variation Tuxedo. the same nylon fabric is used for their clothing.
the normal fabric version
the nylon fabric version(this nylon tricot fabric is used up side down)
variation shirt/normal version shirt


The impression of the fabric changes a little depending a lot, fiber, dyeing.. though these fabrics has the same woven textures.

1961-64 #984 American Airlines Stewardess blouse. my blouse has shrunk due to aging and washing
1965 #1414 Holiday shirt
the rare tuxedo shirt . photo1
the rare tuxedo shirt. photo2, ‘up side down’