Ken Fashion 1962

ヴィンテージケン衣装コレクション・ブレイザ/Ken Fashion 1962 FASHION PAK Blazer

Many vintage Ken separate items in my collection. almost all are labelled “TM” tags. every vintage Barbie collector hopes TM tag on her early dress to find more value. but Ken TM tag is ordinary things(not collectable) because it was labelled on from 1961 to 1964. Barbie TM tag was used for very short time, it was switched to “R” tag while preparing the 1959 outfits. R tag also can be found in even rare 1959 outfits which appeared in only one year. occationaly Barbie TM tag is found which has been sewn on 1960 clothing, it is rare.

Barbie:TM tag was used for early 1959 outfit and very few 1960 outfit. R tag was used from 1960 to 1972.  TM/R both can be found in 1959 and 1960

Ken:TM tag was used from 1961 to 1964. R tag was used from 1965 to 1972. TM/R both can be found in 1964 and 1965. (TM tag also can be seen in mod era)

This time, I consider TM tag Ken blazer as 1962 fashion pak blazer temporary. although Kens and Allan wears TM tag blazers which could have been sold as 1962 fashion pak or as a part of 1964 #1411 Victory Dance in this article.

Also-I used several years of dolls as model though, using clothing which was sold until 1962 for their fashion-coordinates. I love thier simple appearances that could be at the time of 1962.



1962 fashion Paks were introduced on pale-blue Barbie and Ken booklet(1962-63).
Here are Ken separate items in my collection. almost of them were sold as 1962 fashion pak, were sold during the piriod of 1962-64. some of them-blazers/red shirt/printed shirts-could have been sold as fashion pack or as a part of 1964 outfits.




“Ken™BY MATTLE”と読めるタグが付いている。




バービーの1959年の衣装の準備の途中でTMタグからⓇタグに変わっていて、1959年だけ販売されたGay ParisenneなどにもⓇタグがあります。1960年衣装でTMタグが付いているものはレアだと思います。それとくらべてケンのTMタグはとても普通の物です。

下の画像はⓇタグとTMタグのブレイザ。左側のⓇタグのブレイザは1964年のヴィクトリィダンス#1411 Victory Danceにセットされたブレイザ。右側は1962年ファッションパック、1964年ヴィクトリィダンス、どちらとも考えられるブレイザ。

Left:the blazer was sold as a part of the Victory Dance in 1964. Right:the blazer could have been sold as 1962 fashion pack or a part of 1964 Victory Dance the same as the left.


Six “TM” blazers in my collection.



Left:1966 blushing bendable Ken in fashion paks-blazer/red polo-shirt and trousers from 1961 Campus Hero. Right:1966 blushing bendable leg Ken in fashion pak blazer and white polo-shirt/short pants from 1962 Time For Tennis.

左:1962年ファッションパック-ブレイザ/ポロシャツ赤、1961年キャンパスヒーロゥ#770 Campus Heroの白いパンツを着る1966年ベンダブルレッグケン。

右:1962年ファッションパック-ブレイザ/1962年タイムフォアテニス #790 Time For Tennisを着る1966年ベンダブルレッグケン。


右:1961年サタデーデイト #786 Saturday Dateのシャツ/タイ/パンツに1962年ファッションパック-ブレイザ/ベストを着る1963年ペインテッドヘアケン。

Left:1962 Frocked hair Ken wears 1962 fashion paks-blazer/white shirt&red tie/red vest/gray slacks. Right:1963 early painted hair Ken in fashion packs-blazer/red vest and shirt/tie/trousers from 1961 Saturday Date.
Left:1964 Allan in fashion paks-blazer/green polo-shirt and beige trousers from 1961 Casuals. Right:1963 paited hair Ken in fashion paks-blazer/yellow polo-shirt and beige trousers from 1961 Casuals.

左:1962年ファッションパック-ブレイザ/ポロシャツグリーン、1961年カジョアル#782 Casualsのパンツを着る1964年アラン。

右:1962年ファッションパック-ブレイザ/ポロシャツイエロー、1961年カジョアル#782 Casualsのパンツを着る1964年ペインテッドヘアケン。


州立の大学に通う姿 #770Campus Heroのケン。