Ken Fashion 1963

Vintage Ken Fashion 1963 Fashion PAK Boxing Outfit (complete)/ヴィンテージケン衣装コレクション 1963年 Fashion PAK Boxing Outfit (コンプリート)

1963 Fashion PAK Boxing:towel,boxer shorts,socks,boxing gloves,shoes $1.00

Boxer Shorts(2 fabric parts):blue satin fabric, white cotton tape,label, elastic band

Socks(1 fabric part/sock):white knit fabric

Towel(1 fabric part):yellow towel cloth

Boxing shoes is the same as #0776 Ken In Switzerland(1964)

I think yellow towel is the same as 1961 #750 flocked hair Ken accsesory

1963 Fashion PAK Boxing:タオル、ボクシングショーツ、ソックス、ボクシンググローヴ、靴 $1.00





靴:#0776 Ken In Switzerland(1964) にセットされる靴と同じ。 “JAPAN”と書かれていない





下の画像は日本で販売された、1966年のヘッドと在庫のボディがミックスしているケン。Boxing Outfitには脚を広げたボディのほうが似合う。


Obviously vintage Ken is not appreciated as Barbie’s boyfriend, which is a real shame. Is the vintage Ken so unattractive? he looks deifinitely thin but you can see clearly that he is muscular guy when he is not wearing anything.

He is absolutely NOT a weak and skinny boy. he has weared thin muscles under the his dashing fashions like a dancer. I think Boxing Outfit is one of the best costume which shows his masculine line well.

Also-the Boxing gloves shows his arms long(I think his arms are a little short). Now he is perfect, he may knock you out!

#750 Japanese market Ken in 1963 Boxing Outfit. he is a mixture of 1966 blushing face and a stock body. his wide stance legs looks better with Boxing Outfit.



1962 #750 flocked hair Ken.
#750 Japanese market mixture Ken.
1963-64 #750 straight leg Ken and 1962 Ken.
1964 #1000 straight leg Allan and Japanese market Ken.