Exploring Ken fashion 1964

Ken Fashion 1964 Fashion PAK Cheerful Chef

1964 Fashion PAK Cheerful Chef: apron, hat, glove, cloth, spoon, spatula, fork, sausage $1.25

Apron-4 patterns:printed apron fabric(1), red cord(3), label

Hat-2 patterns:white cotton fabric(2)/printed ‘Ken®’

Glove-2 patterns:white cotton fabric(1), white and red gingham fabric(1)/quilt stitching on the surface of white fabric.

Cloth-1 pattern:white and red gingham fabric(1)

The glove of my MOC version is for left hand, it seems to be a mistake. also I’ve confirmed that the MOC version has ‘R’ label.

1964 Fashion PAK Cheerful Chef:エプロン、帽子、グローヴ、キッチンクロス、スプーン、スパチュラ、フォーク、ソーセージ  $1.25





1964 #0750 blonde painted hair Ken wearing 1964 fashion PAK Cheerful Chef and 1964 #0782 Casuals.
1964 #0750 blonde painted hair Ken wearing 1964 fashion PAK Lounging Around and Cheerful Chef .
1964 #0850 Barbie wearing 1964 fashion PAK Campus Belle and PAK apron(white/1962-65)/1964 #0750 blonde hair Ken wearing 1964 #0789 The Yacht Man and 1964 fashion PAK Cheerful Chef/1963 #860 brunette Midge wearing 1964 fashion PAK On The Go and PAK apron(red/1962-65).


TM labelled apron and printed R on the chef hat.

画像下はMOCのCheerful Chef。このエプロンには’R’ラベルがついています(写真に撮れません)。このグローヴは左手用(!)です、おそらく間違えて作られたと思われます、通常は右手用です。

I’ve confirmed that ‘R’ label inside the package. this MOC has exclusive fashions book 4.