Exploring Ken fashion 1964

Ken Fashion 1964 Fashion PAK SODA DATE(gold/red polo)(green corduroy trousers)

1964 fashion PAK SODA DATE: polo shirt(gold/red), slacks(green) $1.25

Polo shirt-5 patterns: label, knit fabric(5), 1 button/ 1 loop(thread)

Slacks-2 patterns:corduroy fabric(2), 1 snap, YKK zipper/ front pocket stitching, back pocket stitching

ポロシャツはTM/Rラベルのどちらか。スラックスにはラベルがつきません。このスラックスにラベルが付いている場合は1962年のfashion PAKのスラックスです。

The polo shirt is either TM/R label. If these slacks are labeled, they are fashion PAK slacks from 1962.
1964 #0850 Barbie wearing 1964 fashion PAK On The Go/1964 #0750 brunette painted hair Ken wearing 1964 fashion PAK Soda Date, his hat from 1962-63 #785 Dream Boat, blue shoes from 1963 #797 Army And Air Force.
1962 #750 blonde flocked hair Ken wearing 1962 fashion PAK polo shirt and slacks/1964 #0750 blonde painted hair Ken wearing 1964 fashion PAK Soda Date.


TM labelled early version 1964 PAK Soda Date(this image from the internet).


1962 fashion PAK polo-shirt, corduroy slacks/1964 fashion PAK SODA DATE


下の画像は1964年 fashion PAK Soda Dateの赤色のポロシャツです。ここには#1410 Campus Corduroyと同じベイジュのスラックス(ラベルが無い)がセットされます。