Exploring Ken fashion 1966

Ken Fashion 1966 #1426 HERE COMES THE GROOM

One of the best outfit ever. there is nothing that seems to be ‘student-fashion’ in his 1966 costume. some of his 1966 fashions may suggest his future.

1966 #1426 HERE COMES THE GROOM: top hat, tailcoat, shirt, waistcoat, ascot, trousers, socks, gloves, shoes  $4.00

Tailcoat-10 patterns: grey fabric(9), liner fabric(1), label, 1 button, button-loop(elastic),boutonniere/1 button loop stitch, tail, half lining

Dress shirt-8 patterns: white cotton fabric(8), 3 pearl beads, 1 snap

Waistcoat-3 patterns: grey fleece fabric(3), 6 buttons, 2 ‘real’ button holes

Ascot-1 pattern:grey fabric(1), 1 pearl

Trousers-2 patterns: pinstripe fabric(2), 1 snap, YKK zipper/ front pocket stitching, back pocket stitching,fly stitching

Socks-2 patterns : black nylon fabric(1/single)



1966 #1070 bendable leg Barbie in 1966 #1668 Riding In The Park/1966 #1020 blonde blushing Ken in 1966 #1426 Here Comes The Groom(variation waistcoat).

Sample Content

1965 #1010 bendable leg Allan in 1966 #1426 Here Comes The Groom with variation waistcoat/1966 #1020 brunette blushing Ken in 1966 #1426 Here Comes The Groom
1966 K1426 (with out tailcoat/#0750 brunette blushing Ken) /1966 #0750 blonde blushing Ken in 1966 #1426 Here Comes The Groom without the tailcoat