Ken Fashion 1965

ヴィンテージケン衣装コレクション・#0787 タキシード/Ken Fashion 1965 #0787 Tuxedo (complete/extra cummerband)

画像下、左も右も同じケン(1966-67年のケンと1965年のタキシード)。左側はこちらで紹介をしました。しかしレギュラー製品の1965 #0787 Tuxedoの姿は右側。本来の1965年ヴァージョンのタキシードにはコサジュとカマバンドはセットされません。


Picture below, both in Tuxedos are the same Ken. I bought him in Japan recently as this article. the picture below right(with no corsage and cummerband) is a regular style of 1965 #0787 Tuxedo.

My 1965 version Tuxedo had got the extra cummerband when I bought him as the picture left.  all things considered, probably he was a Japanese market doll, and he was just added a cummerband routinely.



Tuxedo trousers from the left, 1961version, 1964version, and 1965version. the width of 1965 trousers are thick. I think Ken trousers pattern was changed according to bendable leg Ken.  it is hard to dress bendable legs doll wear narrow trousers, and it is also hard to pose even though “life like bendable legs”!

You would agree that how fantastic bendable leg Ken wearing in the 1965 Tuxedo, dance with a color magic girl in 1966 #1656 Fashion Luncheon.



画像下は1966年カラーマジックバービー #1656 Fashion Luncheon(1966-67)と、1965年のタキシードを着たベンダブルレッグケン