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“KEN” his trade mark rights in JAPAN/”ケン” 日本の登録商標

This article is about Japanese Ken’s trademark rights.

In Japan, one “Ken” trademark right has been registered as of 2nd August 2019. 

application date:15th Apr 1966/registration date:7th Mar 1968

Photo below is a part of a public relations, issued by Japanese patent office. anyone can see this material because it has been published for decades already.

according to this patent office material, we can see that the applicant was Mattel. application date was 15th April 1966. registration date was 7th Mar 1968.

this means there was no Japanese trademark during vintage Ken sales period in Japan from 1964 to Mar 1968.  Was this registration action taken for mods Ken? maybe??

from this information, Japanese “Ken” trademark was not be treated as carefully as Japanese “Barbie” trademark. he was finally registered at the end of “vintage Ken” era. also-just “KEN” letters were registered as his Japanese trademark rights. not his logo.

for your reference, Japanese “Barbie” trademark rights and her logo has been registered in Japan. Japanese “Barbie” application date:5th Sep 1960 / registration date:5th Feb 1962. this was absolutely registered for sales in Japan.

Also in Japan, 42 Japanese “Barbie” trademark rights are registered as of 6th July 2019.

No registration for Midge and Allan in Japan.