Dissecting fashion

their gold/silver buttons come in metal/plastic variations

On Japan made fashions, their gold/silver buttons come in metal and plastic. 

About gold button

Both Metal-gold button, Plastic-gold button appear from the earliest stage. here is just an example(below), both ‘metal-gold’ button and ‘plastic-gold’ button can already be found in costumes which only find in the 1959 catalogue. a Purse bag with plastic-gold button is #964 Gay Parisienne, a coat with metal-gold buttons is #968 Roman Holiday. in strictly saying ‘metal’ may be the first, however, I think that both appeared at a very close time.



金属金ボタン、樹脂金ボタンの両方が初期段階から登場します。これは一例です(下)。’金属-金’ボタンと’プラスチック-金’ボタンの両方が、1959年のカタログにしか見られない衣装にすでに見られます。プラスチック-金のボタンが付いた財布バッグは #964 Gay Parisienne、金属-金のボタンが付いたコートは #968 Roman Holidayです。厳密に言えば’金属製’が先かもしれませんが、どちらも近い時期に登場したと思います。

#968 Roman Holiday with metal-gold buttons (TM version/compact and glasses case missing, YT collection)
#964 Gay Parisienne purse bag with plastic-gold button(R version)


Plastic-gold button is much more ‘yellow’ than metal one. Regarding Barbie’s and other girl friend’s costume, plastic-gold button seems to be the mainstream rather than metal-gold button.

these metal button has ‘joint line’ on their surface which the joint line is easy to open which makes it easy for the sewing thread to get caught, but even so the metal buttons were continue used a lot in Ken fashion(Japan-made).

Photos below are the metal buttons opened from that joint lines.




A gold button crushed from the joint line
A silver button crushed from the joint line


About silver button

I think silver button was used mainly for Ken fashion, however I haven’t found many plastic silver buttons so far.

Red Vest-gold
Ken In Holland-silver
Ken In Switzerland-silver
Fraternity Meeting-silver
Drum Major-gold/silver

metal button and plastic button exists from the beginning, however,  it seems that the metal buttons were mainly used for Ken (later changed to plastic-gold as well).



Ken In Holland-銀
Ken In Switzerland-銀
Fraternity Meeting-銀
Drum Major-金/銀


1962 PAK Red Vests with metal-gold buttons


#1411 Victory Dance vests. Left: plastic-gold buttons(from R label version). Right: metal-gold buttons


Metal-silver buttons on TM/R jackets
Plastic-silver buttons on TM blazer
#775 Drum Major jackets. Left: metal- silver button on TM version. Right: plastic-gold button on R version.