Dissecting fashion

Brocade fabric for Barbie product in Japan in the 60’s. part 2

This is a Barbie’s brocade dress which broken probably by strong bleaching by someone(look the chest and waist area. it seems that tried to remove these stains caused further damage to the fabric). Since it is greatly broken, we can see that this gold thread is really made of metal.


this is ‘slit threads’, made by vacuum-depositing an extremely thin polyester film on metal. this metal may be aluminum, silver, gold, tin, or any other metal that can be vapor-deposited, however, aluminum is commonly used in view of price and performance. so I think it’s also aluminum. now we can see that the thread is completely destroyed and there is colouration on the film side, the aluminum surface looks unchanged.



Below is a Ken’s jacket-#0722 The Prince, the edge of the slit thread is peeling off a little, due to aging.

下の写真はKenの#0722 The Princenoのジャケットです。経年によりスリット糸の端が少し剥がれています。

Below is Ken’s costume-#0773 King Artur, this thread has also come off due to aging, and you can see that the film has not been coloured in the case of silver thread.

以下はケンの衣装-#0773 King Arthurです。この糸も経年劣化により剥がれています。銀糸の場合、フィルムが着色されていないことがわかります。

Slit thread is still used today. Although it is a mass-produced thread, I think it has a more solid and luxurious texture than the gold thread made entirely of plastic film.