Ken Fashion 1965

Vintage Ken fashion #1417 Rovin’ Reporter(complete)

1965 #1417 Rovin’ Reporter: Cardigan jacket, short sleeved shirt, trousers, socks shoes, camera $3.00

The shape of short sleeved shirts is the same as 1964 #0776 Ken In Switzerland shirt.

The red fabric are also used for Skipper fashion 1965 #1911 Day At The Fair( skirt), 1965 #1921 School Girl(jacket), Barbie fashion 1965 #1624 Fun At The Fair(skirt).

The trousers is very similar to 1965 version #0779 American Airlines Captain, these two weaving are the same, but colour is different, Rovin’ Reporter trousers are a little lighter and details such as pocket stitching are also different.

Cardigan jacket(10 fabric parts):red fabric, red lining fabric, label, 3 buttons, 2 pocket flaps, 1 loop, 3 button hole stitching

Short sleeved shirt(7 fabric parts): white fabric, 2 snaps, 3 buttons, yoke, 2 cuffs

Trousers(2 fabric parts): navy fabric, 1 snap, YKK zipper, no pocket stitching

Socks(1 part/single):black knit fabric

1965 #1417 Rovin’ Reporter: 襟の無いジャケット、半そでシャツ、スラックス、ソックス、靴、カメラ $3.00

この半そでシャツの形は1964年 #0776 Ken In Switzerland shirtと同じです.

ジャケットに使われている赤色の生地は他の衣装 Skipper fashion 1965 #1911 Day At The Fair(スカート), 1965 #1921 School Girl(ジャケット), Barbie fashion 1965 #1624 Fun At The Fair(スカート)にも使われています。

紺色のスラックスは 1965年ヴァージョン #0779 American Airlines Captainと同じ生地です(1964ヴァージョンのAmerican Airlines Captainの生地は違います)、しかし色は少し違い,Rovin’Reporterのほうが色がすこし薄いです。またポケットステッチがありません。



スラックス(生地パーツ2): 紺色の生地、スナップ1 、YKK ジッパー、ポケットステッチがない


white stitch version and red stitch version 白いステッチと赤いステッチ


1965 #1040 brunette Skooter in 1965 #1921 School Girl(no some school accessories)/1965 #1020 blonde bendable leg Ken in 1965 #1417 Rovin’ Reporter(complete).
1964-65 #750 blonde painted hair Ken wearing 1965 version #0779 American Airlines Captain with 1964 simplified-short sleeved shirt(4 fabric parts)/1965 #1020 blonde bendable leg ken in 1965 #1417 Rovin’ Reporter. These navy fabrics(weaving) are the same, but colour and details are different.
1964 #0950 blonde Skipper in 1965 #1911 Day At The Fair(no kerchief)/1965 #1010 bendable leg Allan in 1965 #1417 Rovin’ Reporter.