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How 1963-64 #750 Ken’s face is drawn

1963 #750 right turquoise eye with thin black line
1964 #0750 right eye
another 1964 #0750 right eye

Very thin hand-painted lines are drawn around his blue irises as already discovered.

1963-64 2nd version Japan-made #750 brunette painted hair Kens with original body/arms

expected order of this eye: 1.eye(white, stencil/spray), 2.iris(blue, stencil/spray), 3.eye liner(dark brown, hand-painted), 4.thin lines around the under eye(brown, hand-painted), 5.pupil(black, hand-painted, stamp), 6. very thin lines around iris(brown, hand-painted).

he has original arms.
he has original body and arms.


1963-64 2nd version Japan-made #750 painted hair Kens with turquoise eyes

the thin hand-painted lines are also drawn around his blue irises, but thicker and darker. the colour is almost black.

he is a genuine original doll came with 1963 Trousseau gift set, he has 1963 old arms.
he also has 1963 old arms.
he has an original body with original arms.
he has a new body with original arms. his face is original, his hair is repainted.


1963-64 3rd version #750/0750 blonde painted hair Ken 

this Ken is my oldest boxed Ken, he and I have been together almost 30 years!, but I had been wondering if this #0750 Ken was 1964 or 1965? because he had no clue, he was missing his original plastic pack with booklet and sandals.

Now I think he is 1964 #0750 because his pupils are drawn with hand-painted/stamp. he should have a 1963 booklet or 1964 booklet!


this Ken also seems to be 3rd version #750/0750.
1964 #0778 Ken In Mexico dressed doll(NRFB)