Exploring Japan Ken face

How 1965 #1020 Ken’s face is drawn

1965 #1020 right eye



This research is still in progress so future discoveries may change my way of thinking and perspective. 

His eyes are definitely changed from 1965 Ken. some kind of hand-painted pupils of him until 1964 changed to stencil or print.

His blue iris and pupil may be ‘one-print’ after 1965.

Also his eye liners seems to have changed to stencil or print.




1965 #1020 brunette bendable leg Ken

His eye brows, eyes(white part) and lips are drawn with a stencil/spray the same as before.

expected order of this eye: 1.eye(white, stencil/spray), 2.iris(blue, stencil/spray), 3.eye liner(dark brown, stencil or print), 4.thin lines around the under eye(brown, hand-painted), 5.pupil(dark brown, stencil or print), 6. very thin lines around iris(brown, hand-painted).


このケンの目はおそらくこのような順序で描かれたと思います:1.目(白色, ステンシル), 2.瞳(青色,ステンシル), 3.アイライン(濃い茶色,ステンシルまたはプリント), 4.目の下の細いアイライン(茶色,手描き), 5.瞳孔(黒色,ステンシルまたはプリント),6.瞳のまわりの細い線(茶色、手描き).

he had an original plastic head cover and rubber bund on his head and I removed them for him. この人形はオリジナルのビニールパックを頭にかぶって首にゴムを付けていましたが、今は外しています。

another 1965 #1020 blonde bendable leg Ken

he doesn’t have his original box and accessories. his pupils are drawn with a stencil or print. as above the Ken, this Ken’s eye liners also looks stencil or print.