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How 1965 #1020 Ken’s face is drawn

1965 #1020 right eye



His eyes are definitely changed from 1965 Ken. some kind of hand-painted pupils of him until 1964 changed to stencil or print.

His blue iris and pupil may be ‘one-print’ after 1965.

Also his eye liners seems to have changed to stencil or print.


1965 #1020 brunette bendable leg Ken

His eye brows, eyes(white part) and lips are drawn with a stencil/spray the same as before.

expected order of this eye: 1.eye(white, stencil/spray), 2.iris(blue, stencil/spray), 3.eye liner(dark brown, stencil or print), 4.thin lines around the under eye(brown, hand-painted), 5.pupil(dark brown, stencil or print), 6. very thin lines around iris(brown, hand-painted).

he had an original plastic head cover and rubber bund on his head and I removed them for him.

another 1965 #1020 blonde bendable leg Ken

he doesn’t have his original box and accessories. his pupils are drawn with a stencil or print. as above the Ken, this Ken’s eye liners also looks stencil or print.