Exploring Japan Ken face

#0750 Ken after 1965

#0750 blonde painted hair Ken after 1965.


This research is still in progress so future discoveries may change my way of thinking and perspective. 

These are all #0750 Kens(no box, booklet) seems to be after 1965. these dolls cannot be judged how many years these are made because they’ve lost their original booklet. I’m hoping to find a way to tell the age without booklet somehow, even if he is not in perfect condition, but for now I haven’t found any more clues.

These Ken’s eyes here has the characteristics since 1965-‘stenciled or printed pupil’.

His blue iris and pupil may be ‘one-print’ after 1965, also his eye liners seems to have changed to stencil or print.

In 1965, vintage Ken’s face seems to be almost complete. this makes hard to tell #0750 after 1965. However the hand-painting work(very thin line surrounding his blue iris was drawn to the end by hand) remains in each dolls produced in Japan. it’s a great for me to be able to see these incredible work by Japanese craftsman in the 60’s even now.






#0750 brunette painted hair Ken after 1965.

#0750 blonde painted hair Ken after 1965.
#0750 blonde painted hair Ken after 1965.


Below is also an unknown year #0750 Ken(after 1965). his lip print seems to be slightly off or slightly titled. it makes him look a little smiling!


#0750 brunette painted hair Ken after 1965.