Exploring Japan Ken face

How 1963 1st version #750 Ken’s face is drawn

1963 #750 right eye
1963 #750 right eye
1963 #750 right eye

This research is still in progress so future discoveries may change my way of thinking and perspective. 

1963 Ken’s lip colour becomes orange tone from pink.

The small white dots in his blue iris are no longer drawn as already discovered.



1963 1st version #750 brunette painted hair Ken

His eye brows, eyes(white part, blue part) and lips are drawn with a stencil/spray the same as 1961 and 1962. his eye-liners are drawn by hand and his pupils(black part) looks to be drawn with some tool.

expected order of this eye: 1.eye(white, stencil/spray), 2.iris(blue, stencil/spray), 3.eye liner(dark brown, hand-painted), 4.thin lines around the under eye(brown, hand-painted), 5.pupil(black, hand-painted, stamp).


このケンの目はおそらくこのような順序で描かれたと思います:1.目(白色, ステンシル), 2.瞳(青色,ステンシル), 3.アイライン(茶色,手描き), 4.目の下の細いアイライン(茶色,手描き), 5.瞳孔(黒色,手描き,細い筆かスタンプ(何かの道具)

another 1963 1st version #750 painted hair Kens of mine

the painting method seems to be complete. their faces is the almost same.