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How 1963 1st version #750 Ken’s face is drawn

1963 #750 right eye
1963 #750 right eye
1963 #750 right eye

1963 Ken’s lip colour becomes orange tone from pink.

The small white dots in his blue iris are no longer drawn as already discovered.

1963 1st version #750 brunette painted hair Ken

His eye brows, eyes(white part, blue part) and lips are drawn with a stencil/spray the same as 1961 and 1962. his eye-liners are drawn by hand and his pupils(black part) looks to be drawn with some tool.

expected order of this eye: 1.eye(white, stencil/spray), 2.iris(blue, stencil/spray), 3.eye liner(dark brown, hand-painted), 4.thin lines around the under eye(brown, hand-painted), 5.pupil(black, hand-painted, stamp).

another 1963 1st version #750 painted hair Kens of mine

the painting method seems to be complete. their faces is the almost same.