Exploring Ken fashion 1961

Ken Fashion 1961 #785 DREAM BOAT(1961 version)

1961 #785 DREAM BOAT: hat, Jacket, Printed short-sleeved shirt, Trousers, Socks, Shoes $4.00

This outfit is one of four outfits with ‘full-lining jacket'(#785 Dream Boat/#786 Saturday Date/#787 Tuxedo/#1401 Special Date).

The printed shirt is made of the same sewing pattern as the sport shirt of #783 Sport Shorts.

Also I’ve shown my hybrid type trousers of Dream Boat below. the trousers are mixed type 1962-63 front stitching and 1961 turn-ups.

Jacket-18 patterns:khaki green fabric(13), yellow-green liner fabric(5), label, 2 buttons/full lining, 2 darts, 1 breast patch pocket, 2 patch pockets, 2 button hole stitches, 1 button loop(thread), center bent on back

shirt-10 patterns: printed cotton fabric(10), label, 2 snaps, 3 buttons/short sleeves, 1 pocket, yoke

Trousers-2 patterns: green fabric(2), YKK zipper/turns, front pocket stitching, back pocket stitching, fly stitching

Socks-2 patterns: pale yellow knit fabric(1/single)

1961 #785 DREAM BOAT:帽子、ジャケット、プリント半そでシャツ、スラックス、ソックス、靴  $4.00


この衣装は総裏地のジャケットを持っている4つの衣装の1つです(#785 Dream Boat/#786 Saturday Date/#787 Tuxedo/#1401 Special Date)。

シャツは#783 Sport Shortsのシャツと同じパターンで作られています。





1961-62 #750 brunette flocked hair Ken in 1961 #785 Dream Boat/1961 #850 blonde ponytail Barbie in 1961-63 #986 Sheath Sensation(missing straw hat)
1961-62 #750 brunette flocked hair Ken and 1961-62 #750 blonde flocked hair Ken in 1961 #785 Dream Boat. the right Ken has damaged his blonde hair.



4 Dream Boat trousers. from the left, two 1961 versions, mixed version,1962-63 version .