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Ken fashion 1964 #0773 KING ARTHUR

1964 #0773 KING ARTHUR:3piese of armour(hood,top,bottom), surcoat, belt, scabbard with strap, sword, spurs, helmet, shield, leaflet  $4.00

3pieace of armour

Hood(1 fabric part):silver metallic fabric(silver thread is woven in the weft. also the silver thread is twisted at regular intervals).

Top(3 fabric parts):silver metallic fabric,2 snaps, label(R)

Bottom(2 fabric parts):silver metallic fabric,1 snap

Surcoat(2 fabric parts):red satin fabric(high quality satin fabric was used for Barbie family product made in Japan),1 snap, lion print, label(TM)

Strap: golden wide string, golden narrow string

Belt: golden wide string, buckle

1964 #0773 KING ARTHUR:よろい一式(フード、上、下)、チュニック、ベルト、鞘ケースとストラップ、剣、蹴爪、ヘルメット、盾、リーフレット  $4.00







the back side of the slit is also wonderful! スリットの裏側がきれいに作られています!
this wonderful shape is modeled from just one piece of cloth! この足の型は1枚の布片から作られています


1964 #0750 blonde painted hair Ken in 1964 #0773 King Arthur(R version)/1964 #1000 Allan wearing 1964 #0773 King Arthur(TM version).


as already known TM label(early version) is sewn on the surcoat. it seems to have changed in R label(later version), R label is sewn on the armour shirt. like these, label position was changed later in some outfits. in King Arthur, there should be no sewing inconvenience in either position so this is just my personal opinion, in King Arthur, probably Mattle thought the label was should be attached on the main item(armour suit) and rewrote a sewing instructions for seamstress. no matter how small sewing change, the instruction would have been rewritten.

Also my two versions has the same paper tags. my paper tag ’29’ is sewn strictly on each items.

すでに知られているように、TMラベル(初期)はチュニックへ縫われていて、Rラベル(後期)はよろい上に縫われています。このようにラベルの位置が後から変更された衣装がいくつかあります。King Arthurの衣装ではどちらの位置に縫ってもほとんど同じ縫製です、ですのでここからは私の個人の意見ですが、おそらくマテル社はこの衣装のラベルはもっとメインのアイテム(よろい)につけるべきだと考えたのではないかと思います、そして縫製指示を書き直したと思います。どんなに小さな変更点であっても、縫製指示が書き直されたでしょう。


TM label on surcoat/paper tag 29
R label on armour shirt/paper tag 29