Vintage Ken

“KEN” trade mark right of JAPAN

This story is about Ken’s trademark registration of Japan. In Japan, as of 2nd Augest 2019, one “Ken” trademark rights are registrated.




Shown left is a Japanese trademark right of “Ken”, a part of a public relations issued by Japanese patent office. the appricant was Mattel, requested for registaration on 15th April 1966 and registrated on 7th Mar 1968.

If you try, anyone can see these materials which I am introducing on my site because they has been published for a long time.



“Ken ” trademark rights registration in Japan.

application date:15th 1Apr 1966/registration date:7th 7Mar 1968

It seems like Ken was not treated carefully like Barbie in Japan. he was not registered during the time he was “vintage Ken”.

Also-his Japanese trade mark registration is just letters/characters, not a logo.