Ken Fashion 1961

Vintage Ken Fashion 1961 #783 SPORT SHORTS (complete/1962-63version)

1961 #783 SPORT SHORTS: Short-sleeved sport shirt, Bermuda shorts, long socks, shoes $2.00

The sport shirt is made of the same sewing pattern as the printed shirt of #785 Dream Boat.

Shirt(10 fabric parts):Printed cotton fabric, label,1 pocket,2 snaps,3 buttons, short sleeves, yoke

Bermuda shorts(2 fabric parts):yellow fabric, YKK zipper, front pocket stitching, back pocket stitching, double stitching lines on hem

Long socks(2 fabric/a sock):green knit fabric

1961 #783 SPORT SHORTS: 半そでシャツ、バミューダショーツ、ロングソックス、靴 $2.00

このシャツは#785 Dream Boatのシャツと同じパターンで作られています。





1961 #850 blonde ponytail Barbie in 1961 #987 Orange Blossom(complete)/1961-62 #750 blonde flocked hair Ken in 1961 #783 Sport Shorts(complete). Their yellow fabrics are completely different fabric.
1961-62 #750 blonde flocked hair Ken in 1961 #783 Sport Shorts(complete)/1963 #750 brunette painted hair Ken and costume from #864 Trousseau Set.