日本のバービー 1967年/Barbie Japanese advertisements of 1967(Look pictures and English article!)




As very well known, Japan was a country that was contracted to manufacture Barbie product under the US toy makers company Mattle. our country DID manufacture/export/domestic sales of Barbie product in the 1960s. yes, very proud hystory we have! vintage Barbie’s surprisingly fine-quality which all the world loves, was made by old-time Japanese.

but,  Japan market was unique. many exceptions and unregular packaging were sold. because Japan market was also stock-disposal market. as a result of this, investigation of Japan market is very difficult. even Japanese collector do not know;products which are on Japanese catalogues were all actually sold in toy stores? what was actually sold? where and when, were friend dolls fading away finally?

it is certainly an old story but not so ancient story, it was only 50-60 years ago! also products-itselfs,catalogues and advertisements still remains and they come to our resque purely and tells things truly. therefore sharing is one of my aim. this time I would like to show 1967 Japanese advertisements which I have collected.

On this site, I have many asked for help about vintage Ken/Barbie product in 60’s in Japan. when I find any Japanese information/advertisement, I will take them definitely to suitable place.




Japanese advertisement shown above is from Japanese Toy Magazine Apr 1967. Advertiser is Kokusai Boueki who was Barbie product’s manufacturer and sales maker, their name is written in ⓀⒷmark and Kanji, with the white writting on the black base on the bottom.

it is interesting to see that #1150 Barbie with “life like”bendable legs dolls are introduced as “Barbie Bendable” which name is Japan’s own brand name. if #1020 Ken with bendable legs was also sold in Japan, he would have been named”Ken Bendable” !


下の画像は月間トイジャーナル8月。”東京玩具商報”は1967年7月から名前が”Toy Journal”になります。


Shown below is Aug 1967 Japanese Toy Journal.

#1160 Barbie doll with “new Twist’n turn waist and bendable legs” is advertised as “Twist Barbie now on sale!!”. “Twist Barbie” is also Japan’s brand name.

In this product, probably there was not much difference in the sales start time between US and Japan.


Colour advertisement below left is 19 Sep 1967 Japanese weekly girls magazine “Friend”. the right ad is from Sep 1967 Japanese Toy Journal.


Picture below is from Oct 1967 Japanese Toy Journal.





What a shame that these 1967 advertisements are ignoring Ken/new Midge/Allan/Skipper/Skooter/Ricky completely, they were advertised as “Barbie’s Family” in Japanese advertisement until 1966. they seem to had been sold in 1967 though I have never seen them appearing in Japanese advertisement after 1967.

I am going to make articles of other years. Hopefully, I can find more informations/advertisements which makes all happy.