Japanese Exclusive/Irregular product

Ken Japanese HERE COMES THE GROOM(different fabric tailcoat/variation waist coat/narrow trousers)

Here is a Japanese HERE COMES THE GROOM Ken which I found in Japan, he is missing his gloves and his other original things(box, stand, etc..) otherwise very handsome with the gorgeous cheek, in very nice condition. I’ve heard that his previous owner bought him as the same appearance over 25 years ago. I think he would have had several owners in his history but luckily he and outfit are not so split up so far.

fabric of this tail coat is completely the same as my first Japanese tailcoat. this second irregular tail coat also looks smaller than regular one because of the thickness of fabric. (my first irregular tail coat has been shrunk due to   washing).

not only the thickness, this fabric also has diagonal pattern on the surface so cutting this fabric is more difficult than regular fabric (at least my two Japanese tail coats are each wrong).

he is also wearing a variation waist coat and ‘narrow’ trousers. the variation waist coat dose not mean Japanese exclusive though very interesting. his narrow trousers are used the early sewing pattern. he is 1966 #0750 blushing Ken, his straight legs fits narrow trousers perfectly. 

Regarding the Japanese specification of Ken, I’ve confirmed below items so far.

1:Almost the same as regular items, but with different some small point like buttons or lining (Dream Boat, Tuxedo)
2:The sewing pattern is the same but the fabric of another costume is used (Best Man trousers)-I also found a Tuxedo-shirt(panel) with a different costume’s fabric, but I don’t know if it’s a Japanese specification.
3:The sewing pattern is the same and another fabric(Japan only) is used(Here Comes The Groom tailcoat)


これは私が日本で見つけた日本人の HERE COMES THE GROOM Ken です。手袋と箱がありませんがとてもいい状態です。このケンは彼の前の持ち主が購入した時(25年位前)からこの姿だったそうです。 彼は小さなヴァリエーションが沢山集まっている面白い状態です、今までに何人が彼の持ち主になったのかは判りませんが、彼がいくつものピースに解体されてしまわなかったことはとてもラッキーなことと思います。

この燕尾服コートの生地は私の1番目の日本のHERE COMES THE GROOM(洗濯で縮んでいる)と同じです。2番目のこのコートもすこし小さく見えますが、これは生地が厚いためです。


このベストは日本仕様ではありませんが、ヴァリエーションカラーの濃い色をしています。スラックスが細いことが変わっていると思います。このスラックスは縮んで細いのではなく使われているパターンが違います。何故かは判りませんが、初期のスラックスパターン(1962-64年ころ)が使われています。ケン人形は1966年の#750 ケンです。この頬が赤い、脚がストレートレッグのケンは日本でよく見つかると思います。ストレートレッグのほうが細いスラックスを着るのにちょうどいいです。


1:通常品とほぼ同じ、ボタンや裏地などの細かい点が異なる(Dream Boat, Tuxedo)
2:縫製パターンは同じ、別衣装の生地を使用(Best Man スラックス)別衣装の生地のタキシードシャツ(パネル)も発見しましたが、日本仕様かどうかはわかりません。
3:縫製パターンは同じ、別生地(日本限定)を使用(Here Comes The Groom燕尾服)


left:1966 #0750 Ken in Japanese HERE COMES THE GROOM(different fabric tail coat/variation waist coat/narrow trousers). right:1966 #0750 Ken wearing regular version HERE COMES THE GROOM.


Grooms. the left side(flocked hair Ken wearing) and the right side(blonde painted hair Ken wearig) are regular version #1424 HERE COMES THE GROOM. the middle is Japanese version. as you can see that the middle trousers are definitely thinner than regular one.