Japanese Exclusive/Irregular product

Vintage Ken Japanese irregular product 1964 #0787 Tuxedo(jacket has grey lining)/ヴィンテージケン 日本仕様/規格外製品 1964 #0787 Tuxedo(グレイ色の裏地のジャケット)

This category “Japanese exclusive/irregular product” is a showcase of non-regular products in my collection which seems to be sold in Japan market.

compare two #0787 Tuxedo jackets below. the left side is a regular product which has black full lining. the right side is a irregular product which full-lining is grey. this jacket is the same as regular jacket except for the grey lining. I’ve confirmed that this grey is not fading, grey thread is used on.

R labels on the both. they were made after the later 1964.

I found the Tuxedo outfit (including this grey lining jacket) at Japanese auctions.  I am not sure if it is an original configuration.

Jacket with grey full lining/boutonniere on lapel/R label/1964 style dress shirt with no label/trousers with snap/cotton socks/corsage/black shoes. missing a bow tie and a cummerbund.

Bent leg Ken & Allan wearing Tuxedos with irregular grey colour linings. the Ken’s hair has been repainted bright yellow by Plasticker .




画像下 #0787 Tuxedoのジャケット。左側はレギュラー製品で裏地は黒色です。右側は規格外製品で裏地はグレイ色です。使われている糸もグレイ色なので裏地は色褪せではありません。





ネクタイ/カマバンド 無し